Versailles Torch

These brooms of different sizes and different textures have been dipped several times in plaster dosed in a unique way each time in order to obtain renderings more or less close to whipped cream or rope. Some are covered in places with gold leaf.

In the Marble Courtyard and the Royal Court of Versailles, fire pots adorn the balustrade.

In 1679, these were not fire pots because they were decorated with fleur-de-lis (lilies). It was in 1814 that the fleur-de-lis, having been destroyed during the revolution, were thus replaced by mistake.

This is a revisit of this error, the brooms teaming up with the moulding and the gold leaf. A second revolution is emerging.

Installation of 37, plaster and golf leaf 23K, 2016

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  • Versailles White Torch

    plaster, height: 30 cm, 2016

  • Versailles Gold Torch

    Plaster and 23K Gold leaf, height: 30cm, 2016

  • Versailles White Torch in the Dark

    plaster, phosphorescent paint, 2016