Moni Gouct

Moni Gouct is a Lebanese artist who was born in N'Djamena, Chad, and then moved to Paris.

She studied Fashion Design and Modelling at ESMOD and the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris.

She then went on to work for multiple fashion brands, mostly designing clothes, but her ambition was always to paint and sculpt.

Moni Gouct, through her rich cultural heritage, has grown up surrounded by many different cultural influences which is evident in her art. All of these different sources of heritage influenced her work in different ways.

Her African influences, for instance, shine through mostly in her sculptural works such as the Voodoo Couple series or the Sceptrotem one. But also in her painting Mop series. In these, she utilised the art of recycling, just like a lot of African art, in order to make new, beautiful, objects (using old painting pots and old mops).

This Sub-saharan heritage can also be said to have influenced her sculptures of the People of Noût through their very simplistic aspect.

Moni Gouct's fashion heritage can be seen in the way that she loves to work with the weave of the fabrics, for instance in her Mop collection as well as in multiple of her paintings, like the Coming Out or the Lycanthrope canvases where she utilised the weave of the fabrics to create a blur effect.

The artist also created art which mixes various materials and painting techniques: such as the use of embroidery in some of her paintings or even the use of knitting for her 'Birdy' sculpture. These are all techniques that she honed during her time in the French fashion world.

As for her Lebanese heritage, it can be observed throughout her work as Moni Gouct uses mostly bright colours and her paintings are always as vibrant as the Lebanese sun.

Moni is a very diversified artist who wants to explore all techniques and arts around her, figurative and abstract.

The artist's work, therefore, is a canvas of Moni's cultural mix as a European, mediterranean and sub-saharan artist.